Woodsmoke Natural Perfume

Woodsmoke Perfume
Vegan. Cruelty-Free. Organic. All Natural. Ethically Wild Harvested. Eco Friendly.
1/3 oz.


Reminiscent of a dark enchanted forest. This scent really centers you & gives a deep sense of calm & wisdom. Bold enough for a man or woman to wear.

PERSONALITY: Warm, Wise, Centered, Smokey, Masculine, Woodsy

Primary notes: Vetiver, Patchouli, Cedar, Sandalwood
Subtle notes: Frankincense, Bergamot

Vetiver: Grounding, calming, stabilizing, enhances libido, rejuvenates the body.

Patchouli: Reduces body temperature, soothes inflammation, regenerates new skin cells, earthy, grounding.

Sandalwood: Known for being a spiritual sacred oil, calms anxiety and worry, enhances mood, promotes healthy skin.

Cedar: Used for wisdom, feeling safe, helps cure obesity, stimulates metabolism, anti-fungal properties.

Frankincense: Induces feeling of mental peace, relieves anger and anxiety, treats dry skin, heals wounds, heal respiratory infections etc. etc.

Bergamot: Reduces sleeplessness, alleviates stress, relaxes nerves and muscles

Woodsmoke Natural Perfume