Zodiac Sign - Sagittarius


Heulandite assists in traversing inter-dimensional spaces and facilitates the reading and understanding of Akashic Records. Heulandite facilitates meditative states and may aid in channeling. Heulandite is an excellent stone for moving on and may be used to take one back to the past to release negative emotions and changed ingrained habits or behaviors, replacing these with an openness to new ways and exciting possibilities. Heulandite supports the synthesis between the old and the new for the actualization of the best possible outcome. Heulandite helps to release and diminish distressing ideas and conditions; allowing one to release the bonds of customs, privilege, condescension, conceit and jealousy. The energy of Heulandite removes constraints and facilitates an open, willing, and balanced attitude in life. Heulandite calms nervousness and alleviates feelings of fear.


Size: 5" Tall - 3.5" Long - 1.5" Wide

Peach Raw Heulandite Raw Crystal