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I'm a naturalist at heart with a deep love for nature. I'm from a small town in California, surrounded by majestic mountains, rivers, lakes, forests & desert. A magical place where you can actually see the milky way galaxy, where you can drink fresh spring water from the kitchen tap & know all of your neighbors by name. This is where my roots are and where my deep admiration for nature grew.
I have traveled and lived many other unique places, by the ocean in San Diego, historic Boston & the strange and unusual New Orleans where I have rediscovered my love of tarot reading & crystal healing. Now I am taking in the beautiful openness of the desert in Tucson, Arizona & have fallen in love with the quirky southwest. I have managed to merge my love of nature & city life and have created a line that pays homage to all the wonderful places I've lived that have inspired me and helped me grow into the person I am today.  
Here at The Coal Miner's Daughter, I believe in using mother nature to craft my products. I believe in the many benefits of using all natural, organic ingredients, as opposed to products with harmful cancer causing chemicals, parabens and names you can't pronounce. I've created a line of skin care products and scents that are kind to your body and the environment. I only use the finest certified organic, vegan and ethically wild harvested ingredients to craft my products. All of my products not only smell amazing, but have countless health benefits to the mind, body & spirit.